AI-driven learning pathways. No LMS.

The LMS replacement that takes care of your students when you're not there. Hatchery organises all your material and turns them into personalised learning pathways.
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Before Hatchery, educators had to manually print and serve their students material, or host their teaching material in complex legacy LMSes designed for enterprises.
Hatchery serves your students exactly the content they need at exactly the moment they need it, producing a 1-in-a-million learning sequence bespoke to every student.
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Your students

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want an LMS.

Hatchery solves your 3 biggest problems.
Increased exposure
Student outcomes hinge on the 3-5 hours per week at your centre.
Better visibility
Teachers can't provide 1:1 attention in large classes, but parents expect tailored guidance and progress tracking.
Leverage technology
Every brick-and-mortar service will adapt to AI or die. But your margins are too slim to hire software engineers.
Built by engineers, product teams and academics from:

All the features you wish 
an LMS just gave you

The frontier of learning technology at your fingertips, 
wrapped in thoughtful design.
AI Writer
Give your students always-on AI-powered essay guidance for subjects that assess writing.
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Your video library, organised
Upload, categorise, and make all your videos searchable by subject and topic.
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Automated progress reports
Send SMS updates to your students with dynamic content and custom logics.
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Built for speed
Rapid micro-interactions and instant page loads.
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Works with your software
Plug Hatchery into your customer support and analytics stack.
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◉ Data room

Every number
you need to know

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Global progress. See exactly
where you are.
Detailed data. Absolute + relative
metrics, cadence data, and activity logs.
Public indexing. View any
other Data Room, anonymised.
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Global progress
See exactly where you are.
Detailed data
See exactly where you are.
Public indexing
See exactly where you are.
See exactly where you are.
Global progress
See exactly where you are.
◉ For tuition academies

Boost your

Customers are 4x likelier to convert when
 you offer them a freemium tier.
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We know it works, because we made ourselves the test dummy.
In 2022, Hatchery launched an online-only preparation service for the Australian Selective School Test. We built more of what people loved, and threw away what they didn’t.
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in one year
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of users received entry into their
preferred selective school (2023)
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Great TrustPilot reviews
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free-paid conversion
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